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  • Liquor Manufacturer

    The start-up company, which was originally seeking equity financing, was introduced to Prestige by a bank seeking their non-lending business. The client had a 100% sales concentration account which made it very difficult to raise equity or obtain traditional bank financing. In addition, the client’s contract manufacturer was unable to provide terms due to a lack of payment history.

  • Consumer Products Company

    The fifteen-year-old company’s lender was unable to provide a scheduled seasonal over advance due to issues with its own bank. The client was at risk of losing $5 million in sales.

  • Automotive Parts Manufacturer

    22-year-old manufacturer was in aggressive acquisition mode during the downturn in the automotive industry.

  • Manufacturer of Specialty Vehicles

    The client was purchasing a fabricator of specialty vehicles from an Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors.

  • Light Manufacturer

    The foreign parent company defaulted on its loan obligation, and even though the subsidiaries were not parties to the loan agreement, they found themselves without a lender while the matter was being resolved.