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Service Providers

  • Staffing Industry

    Client was seeking acquisition financing and had been working with an asset based lender to finance the acquisition. The asset based lender was taking too long to close and the client was at risk of losing the opportunity to acquire the target company.

  • Media and Branding Company

    The company bills their clients in installments under a contract. They had been financed by a factoring company who could not finance milestone billed receivables, therefore most of their invoices were deemed ineligible for funding.

  • Online Publisher and Experiential Brand

  • Construction Clean Up Company

    The client was experiencing cash flow issues because of slow paying customers. Their banker could no longer continue covering their overdrafts therefore they referred the client to Prestige.

  • Technology Staffing Company

    The three-month old company was experiencing working capital constraints due to customers stretching their payments to more than 45 days.