Service Providers

  • Television Production Company

    Client needed immediate working capital to support the production of a Super Bowl television ad.

  • Window Company

    The company needed additional capital beyond their bank facility.

  • Creative Services Firm

    The one-year-old company creates advertising jingles for airlines and other clients. It takes the firm 45 to 60 days to generate billable work and then an additional 45 days before payments are received. This lengthy cycle resulted in cash flow constraints for the firm.

  • Security Guard Company

    Two-year-old company faced a 45 day gap between invoicing and receiving payments from customers.

  • Software Consultant

    The six-year-old company was seeking to refinance its line when it became a victim of a bait and switch scenario by an unscrupulous lender. Shortly before loan closing the company learned that the lender’s actual terms varied drastically from the original proposal.