About Prestige

For over 36 years, Prestige Capital has helped nearly 1,000 companies grow or turn around their businesses by providing more than $4 billion in funds byconverting accounts receivable into immediate working capital. 

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Our Roots

In 1985, founding partners, Harvey L. Kaminski and Irwin Berger, worked together at a commercial lender and saw a need in the marketplace for flexible funding for service-based businesses that didn’t qualify for bank financing or traditional factoring. Factors, who catered to the textile trade, were reluctant to extend credit to companies without hard goods to secure their loan. So, the partners co-founded Prestige Capital where they pioneered the concept of spot factoring for service businesses such as staffing and consulting. The market responded favorably; service businesses were excited to have a financing option other than raising capital from friends, family, or outside investors.

The concept began to gain momentum as the partners educated the business community about this type of funding. At the heart of their business was a love for helping small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the reward of seeing new companies launch and struggling businesses succeed.

Shortly thereafter, the partners retained the talent of Stuart Rosenthal and Alan Eliasof. Rosenthal brought decades of experience in the commercial finance industry. And, Eliasof possessed unparalleled finance knowledge having worked previously with private companies and public accounting firms. Together, this leadership team, brought Prestige Capital to new heights.

In February of 2019, Great Elm Capital Corp. a majority share of Prestige Capital, while the remaining equity is retained by Rosenthal and Eliasof – who act as President and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. GECC saw Prestige Capital’s long-term track record of success and continued growth, and wanted to be a part of it. With a strong capital partner like GECC, Prestige Capital will further expand their footprint throughout North America and continue to offer customers fast and simple cash flow solutions. In other words, cash flow made simple. 

What We Do

Today, Prestige Capital continues to help companies who do not qualify for traditional bank financing or who need financing faster than a bank’s lengthy underwriting process allows. We’ve expanded into all industries and we purchase invoices from a broad spectrum of businesses whose annual sales range from $2 to $300 million.

Our services provide our clients the working capital they need to manage operations and payroll without interruption, take advantage of new sales opportunities, or simply pay obligations in a more timely manner. Services include Invoice Financing, Credit Protection Services, Supplier Assurance Program and Back Office Services. We are still a Boutique Finance Company with the highest level of professional service. 

Who We Are

Our staff of professionals, whose average tenure is over 14 years, have built a team camaraderie that extends to our client relationships. Once assigned to an account representative, you can be sure to have a friendly voice who understands your business and knows how to get you funded quickly.

Who We Work With

We consider all types of companies: public, private, early stages, fast growing companies in distress, and public + private businesses. Among the hundreds we have financed are a publishing company, a fashion designer, and eco-friendly home furnishing company, a dental hygiene product inventor and many others. We have assisted many businesses from apparel to wholesale distribution. But don’t take our word for it, our clients say it best!

Our goal is to help business owners reach the next level, whether that’s ultimately selling the business or being established enough to switch to traditional bank financing. As much as we like clients to be with us for 10 to 15 years, as many have, we want to help them prosper and get to a point in the business cycle where they don’t need us anymore. We don’t lock clients into long-term contracts with cost prohibitive clauses for leaving the contract early. Our clients use our services only when they need cash. This gives them the flexibility to better manage cash flow and take advantage of opportunities to grow.

We feel a deep sense of pride when our clients feel confident in taking that next step in their business evolution. In fact, each year in June we celebrate what we call our graduates – those who we’ve helped and who have been able to qualify for bank financing or achieved their particular goal. 

Prestige Capital’s accounts receivable factoring team is very supportive. Our accounting team found them to be cordial and continuously supportive.

At a time when our business is on the threshold of growth and needing an improved cash conversion, their team makes it easy and beneficial.

Jeffrey McCusker Jancovic, CFO, IF Copacking, Organic Baby Food