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Consumer Goods and Services

  • New York Watch Company

    Company was seeking immediate cash flow during their busy fourth quarter.

  • Lifestyle Magazine

    This lifestyle magazine had gone through some financial difficulties as the magazine industry has taken a downturn in recent years. Their bank no longer supported them and asked them to find a new lender. The lender that they had been speaking to for the previous 45 days suddenly declined the financing.

  • Appliance Recycling Center

    Company works with energy utilities to replace inefficient household appliances to get them off the grid. In selling their most profitable division they reduced their existing bank loan to a level that was below the bank’s desired minimum.

  • Manufacturers of Skin Care Products

    Company was experiencing a cash crunch due to extended terms with their largest customer.

  • Custom Minted Coins and Medals

    Company had just filed bankruptcy and needed funds to continue production