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Recent Transactions

  • Transportation Company

    $ 500,000


    • Client: Virginia based trucking company.

    • Situation: This 7 year old company was growing quickly and needed its first line of credit to support its growth.

    • Need: The new government contract that they received required greater resources and equipment.

    • Solution: By providing this $500,000 line against receivables , client used the available cash to hire additional drivers and purchase two trucks to meet the contract’s demands.

  • School Bus Company

    $ 2,400,000


    New York
    • Client: New York City school bus company

    • Situation: This 25 year old company needed to pay off a bank line due to losses.

    • Need: Client needed to move quickly as school season was about to begin.

    • Solution: In 8 business days, Prestige provided a $2.4 million dollar line to pay off their bank enabling them to seamlessly execute under their contracts.

  • Importer of Men's Apparel

    $ 1,000,000


    New Jersey
    • Client: New Jersey importer of men’s dress shirts.

    • Situation: Client was unable to keep up with pace of orders from large retailers and their bank was unable to extend a credit facility due to the lack of financial strength of the company.

    • Need: The client needed a growth facility to fill the orders from large retailers and continue to grow their business.

    • Solution: Prestige provided a $1 million dollar facility so that the client would be able to fill his backlog of orders and grow his business. He has since added another division and has obtained a line of $1 million for that entity as well.

  • Automotive Parts Manufacturer

    $ 40,000,000


    • Client: Midwest Automotive Parts Manufacturer

    • Situation: An automotive holding company was in aggressive acquisition mode in an attempt to take advantage of the downturn in the automotive industry.

    • Need: The client was looking to partner with a commercial finance source that could close complex leveraged buyouts in 2 weeks or less.

    • Solution: Prestige was able to close and fund seven separate transactions totaling $40 million in combined facilities. Within 6-9 months, the client graduated to an $80 million ABL facility.

  • Vitamin Manufacturer

    $ 2,500,000


    West Coast
    • Client: West Coast-based vitamin manufacturer with $15 million in annual sales.

    • Situation: The company was in the process of being sold to a new ownership group.

    • Need: The seller needed bridge funding until the sale was finalized. During the interim period, Prestige management worked with both the seller and buyer to support their efforts to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.

    • Solution: The buyer was so pleased with Prestige’s way of doing business that they signed up for an extension of Prestige’s contract and immediately filled $500,000 in back orders.