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Recent Transactions

  • Snow Removal Company

    $ 750,000


    New Jersey
    • Client: New Jersey-based snow removal company with $3 million in annual sales.

    • Situation: Six-year-old business had outgrown its line of credit with a local bank.

    • Need: The client needed a larger financing facility to support seasonal demands and accelerate cash flow.

    • Solution: Prestige provided a $750,000 factoring line to solve the immediate cash flow crunch and provide for seasonal sales fluctuations.

  • Dental Hygiene Inventor

    $ 1,000,000


    • Client: Florida-based dental hygiene inventor.

    • Situation: After many years of development, a start-up with an innovative product was successful in reaching an exclusive agreement with a large national retailer.

    • Need: Due to the sales concentration risk, the client had difficulty obtaining traditional financing from a bank.

    • Solution: Prestige provided a factoring facility of $1 million without restrictive covenants related to the sales concentration account.

  • Novelty Product Manufacturer

    $ 2,250,000


    • Client: Massachusetts-based Novelty Product Manufacturer.

    • Situation: 11-year-old company was being liquidated by its existing lender.

    • Need: One of the company’s existing owners was seeking to acquire and re-start a profitable division of the company.

    • Solution: Prestige provided financing to fund the acquisition of certain property of the liquidating estate from the lender and support future growth.

  • Call Center

    $ 1,000,000


    • Client: Florida-based call center with $15 million in annual sales.

    • Situation: A re-start of a company lacked financing for working capital needs.

    • Need: This fast-growing company was looking to keep its cash flow moving smoothly and did not want to dilute its ownership through equity financing.

    • Solution: Prestige provided a $1 million dollar factoring line with a tiered pricing structure based on volume.

  • Consumer Electronics Company

    $ 5,000,000


    • Client: Midwest-based consumer electronics company with $75 million in annual sales.

    • Situation: The bank for this eight-year-old seasonal business failed to close a new line of credit in a timely manner.

    • Need: The client needed bridge financing to fill the gap until permanent financing could be obtained.

    • Solution: Within five business days, Prestige provided a $5 million bridge facility to alleviate the timing pressure until the company’s bank could close the facility.