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When a company enters or exits a growth stage, is experiencing financial or operational challenges, or has outgrown its current bank, it is likely time to secure replacement financing. Factoring is a very powerful financing tool and should be considered by business owners when going through periodic refinancing exercises.

  • Toy Company

    $ 2,000,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: Toy Company

    • Situation: This company had been bought out of bankruptcy by an investor and needed cash flow for operations.

    • Need: Client needed immediate cash flow for operations and to pay licensing fees.

    • Solution: Within one week Prestige financed the client’s receivables enabling client to pay licensing fees in a timely manner as well as provide ongoing cash flow to pay suppliers.

  • Lifestyle Magazine

    $ 1,500,000


    New York
    • Client: Lifestyle Magazine

    • Situation: This lifestyle magazine had gone through some financial difficulties as the magazine industry has taken a downturn in recent years. Their bank no longer supported them and asked them to find a new lender. The lender that they had been speaking to for the previous 45 days suddenly declined the financing.

    • Need: A financial partner who would look beyond their financials and look at their receivables which were strong and performing.

    • Solution: After being introduced by an investment banker, Prestige was able to relieve them of the stress caused by the other finance company and was able to close the deal in a handful of days meeting their bank’s payoff deadline.

  • Appliance Recycling Center

    $ 5,000,0000


    • Client: Appliance Recycling Center

    • Situation: Company works with energy utilities to replace inefficient household appliances to get them off the grid. In selling their most profitable division they reduced their existing bank loan to a level that was below the bank’s desired minimum.

    • Need: A facility to assist with working capital needs as they refocused their efforts on the utility side of their business.

    • Solution: Prestige closed on financing the US Corporation additionally setting up an agreement to finance their Canadian subsidiary.

  • Truck Repair and Restoration

    $ 2,000,000


    Upstate New York
    • Client: Upstate New York truck repair and restoration company

    • Situation: Company was expanding rapidly but their bank would not expand their existing credit line

    • Need: A finance company to give them greater liquidity.

    • Solution: Prestige tripled their credit line so that they could pay off their existing bank and immediately facilitate growth.

  • Media and Branding Company

    $ 750,000


    New York
    • Client: New York based media and branding company.

    • Situation: The company bills their clients in installments under a contract. They had been financed by a factoring company who could not finance milestone billed receivables, therefore most of their invoices were deemed ineligible for funding.

    • Need: They needed an experienced factoring firm who understood their industry and the nature of their billing who could provide the financing that they needed in order to keep their cash flow steady.

    • Solution: Their banker was able to make an introduction to Prestige; the appropriate firm for their needs. Prestige was able to replace their current factor, giving them access to greater liquidity by financing all of their receivables, including those that are billed in milestones.