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Two Different Flavors of Financing
Is your business growing rapidly? Are you losing out on opportunities for lack of funding? Are you too early for traditional bank financing? Are you unable or unwilling to seek equity?

This informative webinar on February 26th will take a look at alternative forms of financing. Hear from Rachel Hersh, Sales Director, North America as she discusses utilizing accounts receivable to grow your business.


The Secured Lender – Vernon Francois: Prestige Capital Supports Entrepreneur’s Partnership with Sally Beauty
Vernon Francois grew up in a Rastafarian household where the weekly tradition was having his hair braided every Sunday. The experience was so painful that he decided to learn how to braid hair himself, using carpets and window shade edges as practice.


Closing The Small Business Financing Gap: Invoice Factoring Basics
Rachel Hersh, Sales Director, North America was recently interviewed by Forbes for an article that illustrates the benefits of utilizing factoring to grow your business. This informative piece clarifies how Prestige’s flexible financing program helps businesses obtain the financing they need in order to get to the next level.


Cash Flow Made Simple

Prestige Capital is a commercial finance company which specializes in factoring for Early Stage and Mid-Size companies. Simply put, we purchase invoices from a broad spectrum of businesses whose annual sales range from to $1 million to $250 million.

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    I have more than $250,000 in accounts receivable today

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How Factoring Works

How Purchase Order Financing
& Factoring Work Together

Rachel’s Interview on 77 WABC
Radio’s “Mind Your Business”