Cash Flow Made Simple

Prestige Capital Corporation is a commercial finance company which specializes in factoring for small and medium-sized companies. Simply put, we purchase invoices from a broad spectrum of businesses whose accounts receivable range from $100,000 to $10 Million.

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  • Factoring

    Turn accounts receivable into immediate cash

    At one time or another, every company runs into a cash flow crunch, losing out on business opportunities or falling behind while waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for customer payments. Unfortunately, traditional financing doesn’t always fit these needs, may have too many…Read more

  • Credit Protection Services

    Reduce your exposure to bad debt

    When you need to manage large or higher-risk customer credit exposures, our credit protection services can help. We work with clients who require credit coverage on higher risk orders in excess of $300,000. Our credit protection service is offered on a standalone basis…Read more

  • Factors Assurance Program

    Manage cash outflows for better financial performance

    While our factoring product can help to shorten your collection cycle, it is also important to optimize cash outflows. The key to improving your cash flow is to delay outflows as long as you can while still meeting all your obligations on time. Proper cash outflow…Read more

  • Back Office Services

    Gain more time and energy to focus on your core business

    Running a business can be difficult and time consuming. Outsourcing select business operations will help you focus on your core business, boost efficiency and improve productivity. Our back office services include invoicing, collections management, credit management…Read more