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Prestige Advantage

Why Work with Prestige?

1. Simple
Unlike many factors, we do not require that clients factor all of their invoices. Clients choose which customers and which invoices to factor based on their need for either cash or credit protection. All non-factored cash we receive will be returned without any fees. The only fees we charge are factoring fees, a one-time application fee, and wire transfer fees.

2. Fast
No other factor can close faster than Prestige Capital. We have funded transactions in as little as three business days from initial phone call to funding. However, the average transaction takes between 4 and 5 business days. We can do this because we focus on the quality of the client’s customers and our ability to verify invoices, rather than on the client’s financial condition.

3. Straightforward
We believe in maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity and transparency. We have modified our contract many times over the years to clarify and simplify our fee structure. There are no hidden charges or ambiguous language to interpret. Additionally, our standard contract is always available for review at any time.

Additionally, there are:

  • NO Minimum Factoring Fees
  • NO Long Term Contract Requirements (as short as 3 months)
  • NO Closing Costs (other than a one-time due diligence fee)
  • NO Traditional Personal Guarantees
  • NO Financial Statement Requirements
  • NO Operational Audits
  • NO Legal Fees
  • NO Minimum Invoice Fees
  • NO Obligation to Sell All Receivables (you choose which receivables to fund and we will assume the credit risk)

4. Flexible
Whether a multi-generational family-owned business or a financial sponsor-owned business, our clients benefit from our experience and unique approach that allows us to find flexible solutions to leverage their accounts receivable.
Also, since we handle collections on behalf of clients, they do not have to worry about billing and credit checking or about staffing those functions. Clients who want to provide key suppliers with consideration in extending payment terms can use our Factor’s Assurance service to make getting extended terms from vendors easier.

Clients use our services only when they are needed, allowing them the financial flexibility to better manage their cash flow and take advantage of opportunities to grow.