by Rachel Hersh

It was wonderful to finally get back out and go to our annual IFA conference! This one was held at the Boston Sheraton Hotel. Reuniting with industry friends was great! I have been enjoying taking photos with my colleagues and posting them on linked in and was inundated with requests from friends to be in photos and be tagged on social media. I even made a tongue in cheek remark on linked in that I was the new photographer for the IFA and received many notes of Congratulations from people who thought that I switched careers! I DO enjoy photography, but I LOVE helping companies grow and succeed! While in Boston, I had the chance to see many of my banking partners as well, where we got a chance to catch up and meet some of the new bankers that had joined their time, many of them working remotely during COVID and now being lured back to the office with perks. There is nothing like connecting in person and I was completely energized!



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