by Rachel Hersh

“When you finance clients in particular sectors, if you are lucky, you become friendly with them and they introduce you to others who are active in this sector. Case in point, when our client, Lauren Frances , introduced me to our network of colleagues in the consumer products space. I met so many wonderful people that I formed a networking group which I titled “Dynamic Women in CPG.” One of those members was Hayley Hoffman who has a company called Dandi Day which is a conscious beauty collective curating beauty industry insights for brands and product creators focused on sustainable strategies and conscious innovation. I met so many wonderful people through the Dandi Day community and am honored to be a member of this community. One of those members, Mia Bell, Inspired Beauty Wholesale (formerly known as Opal Avenue) invited me to discussion with her members.


Take a listen to our conversation titled:


Rachel Hersh of Prestige Capital and Mia Bell of Inspired Beauty Wholesale come together for an epic webinar. Rachel helps small-scale beauty & personal care brands better understand available funding options when figuring out massive retailer purchase orders. And all without resorting to giving away equity in your business! Rachel is a wealth of information and an amazing person to connect with about all things cash flow! Rachel also sits on the advisory board of Cosmetics Executive Women (CEW) and her speaking engagements include Shark Tank’s Daymond John’s the Daymond John Academy.
Mia Bell has been helping indie beauty & personal care brands launch into their dream retailers. Having worked with thousands of retailers herself as a former sales rep and national sales director, Mia knows the exact formula for capturing a retail buyer’s attention. She is the indie beauty community’s ‘go-to’ wholesale expert. And today, she teaches ambitious brand founders the insider and real-world-tested strategies that will get their product line into stores, FAST.


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