NEW JERSEY (February 10, 2021) – Prestige Capital Finance, LLC recently provided $500,000 to a sustainable beauty firm. The beauty firm recently signed contract with a chain of retail stores and needed fast financing to fill orders.

The sustainable beauty movement has gained momentum as consumers are more conscious about what they use on their bodies. This California, mother-and-daughter owned-business was an early adopter of the movement, sourcing local plant-based extracts to provide essential skin care. Given continuous growth in the industry, these dynamic entrepreneurs wanted a financing company that could grow with their company. After consulting with a referral partner in the space, they chose Prestige.

“Prestige is pleased to help a family-owned business get the fast financing needed for large scale product distribution,” said Stuart Rosenthal, President of Prestige Capital. “Prestige has increasingly played a role in the sustainable beauty movement, and is proud to support natural and clean-living products.”

In 2020 Prestige Capital funded a record number of companies across a broad range of industries. This year, Prestige expects to continue to serve high-growth businesses with fast financing and exceptional servicing.

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