FORT LEE, NJ (NOV  2021) —  This year Prestige Capital hits a milestone- 36 years in business! In gematria, a form of Jewish numerology, the number 36 represents double life and luck. “So, we can’t help but pinch ourselves every time we think about how long we’ve been in business,” says Rachel Hersh, Sales Director, North America at Prestige Capital. 

While a lot has changed over the last three decades, Prestige Capital plans to keep some things the same. “The power of building strong partnerships has been vital to our longevity and we have no plans to change that, says Prestige Capital’s President Stuart Rosenthal. “ We couldn’t be more grateful to still be around to serve our clients, partners, and employees. They’ve been such a great part of our success.” 

In celebration of 36 years in business, Prestige is giving away a $250 gift card for the person who has the best answer to the question “What were you doing in 1985?” Email with subject line “ My 1985 Story” and the response in the body of the email by November 10, 2021 for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on November 15th.

The Prestige Capital team looks forward to your responses and to the next 36 years and beyond as we continue to assist our clients and strengthen our relationships.

About Prestige Capital

For over 35 years, Prestige Capital has helped nearly one thousand Early Stage and Mid-Size companies grow or turn around their businesses by providing more than $4 billion in cash advances, converting accounts receivable into immediate working capital.  Prestige Capital continues to help companies who do not qualify for traditional bank financing or who need financing faster than a bank’s lengthy underwriting process allows. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs reach the next level, whether that’s ultimately selling the business or being established enough to switch to traditional bank financing. 

To learn more, contact:

Prestige Capital

400 Kelby St., 10th Floor

Fort Lee, NJ 07024 USA

Toll free Phone: 877-944-4455



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