FORT LEE, NJ (MAR 2022) —  A California based private label organic baby food manufacturing and co-packer needed a working capital line to increase volume in order to add additional product lines to their offering. They previously secured a credit facility based on real estate and machinery from their bank but a prospective AR lender that they were hoping to receive funding from backed out at the 11th hour. “ We received a call from the inventory lender who knew Prestige could keep the deal alive and close it fast,” shares Stuart Rosenthal, President at Prestige Capital. “ When banks are not able to provide working capital on a business’s accounts receivable, companies like ours are able to fill the gap. This is what we did for this deal.”

Access to this funding allowed this organic baby food company to grow with multiple lines of baby food and no limits on their cash needs.

About Prestige Capital

For over 36 years, Prestige Capital has helped nearly one thousand Early Stage and Mid-Size companies grow or turn around their businesses by providing more than $4 billion in cash advances, converting accounts receivable into immediate working capital.  Prestige Capital continues to help companies who do not qualify for traditional bank financing or who need financing faster than a bank’s lengthy underwriting process allows. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs reach the next level, whether that’s ultimately selling the business or being established enough to switch to traditional bank financing. 


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