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Fancy Food Show

Northeast Region Sales Director, Rachel Hersh attends the Fancy Food Show

Rachel brought her financing insights honed from years of industry experience to the Fancy Food Show where she met some great entrepreneurs. Let’s not forget about the delicious food that she tasted at the food expo!

Smoked Fish Poke Bowls

These high protein enriched Smoked Fish Poke Bowls are made of top quality ingredients and responsibly sourced seafood.

Nice to Meat You!

Seafood was just the beginning of Rachel’s day. Meat Mitch is a great company which caters to seasoning, BBQ sauce and also perfectly cooked meat with the works!

Stuart & Co is a Brooklyn based beef jerky company with some truly unique flavors with astonishing quality.

After the Food comes the Drinks

Along with some delicious food were some amazing drinks that were presented at the food expo! From cool cocktail mixers to beer making kits.