I was thrilled to be interviewed on 77 WABC Radio’s “Mind Your Business” with Yitzchok Saftlas.

What did the host and I discuss?

A lot of people think that what we do here at Prestige Capital is too good to be true. But it’s not. We’re the real deal. We help businesses finance their orders and take their companies to the next level. I often liken us to an ATM machine. Why?

Most finance firms require that you sell all of your accounts receivable and sell them from the date that they are created. Our flexible finance program allows companies to pick and choose and sell whatever they need when they actually need cash flow. This is similar to an ATM machine. When you need cash, you put an invoice through to Prestige, and we finance it.

Prior to my interview, I was excited to be on this program as it is a dynamic interview which is heard by thousands of entrepreneurs. Working in this industry for over 20 years, I am in the front seat; seeing emerging industries, and providing capital to them. Many of our early-stage companies are now well-known brands and we are proud to be instrumental to their growth.

I arrived at the studio in New York and was thrilled to be in the iconic 77WABC radio studio. As a child, this was the station on our radio dial and to think that I would one day be featured on this station would have made my parents proud.

We recorded the interview and it went by so quickly! I really enjoyed my time with Yitzchok and the entire Mind Your Business team. And, it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase what we do here at Prestige.

If you missed my interview, please click here to give it a listen. Or you can watch the three-part video series of interviews by clicking here.

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