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Credit Protection Programs

Reduce your exposure to bad debt with our credit protection services. We take 100 percent of the credit risk on all approved orders

Credit Protection Services

Reduce your exposure to bad debt

When you need to manage large or higher-risk customer credit exposures, our credit protection services can help. We work with clients who require credit coverage on higher risk orders in excess of $300,000. Prestige Capital offers the best credit protection service and it is offered on a standalone basis or in conjunction with our factoring services.

Benefits include:

  • We take 100 percent of the credit risk on all approved orders. You no longer have to worry about credit losses or the rejection of an order due to questionable credit.
  • There are no deductibles or splitting of risk on claims.
  • Quick approvals – usually within 24 hours.
  • Coverage includes bankruptcy and all other financial reasons for non-payment. Coverage does not cover disputes or returns.
  • Claims are processed promptly.
  • We cover high risk retailers, manufacturers, and service providers, including companies in Chapter 11 that other factors or insurance companies do not protect.


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