$ 2,000,000|Income Financing |New Jersey

  • Client: New Jersey-based steel company with projected sales of $10 million.
  • Situation: Client historically sold on COD terms to customers but suddenly was forced to offer Net 60 day terms to retain key customer accounts. This resulted in a cash flow crunch for the business. In addition, the client had significant sales concentrations which made them unbankable.
  • Need: Client needed cash flow to support daily operating expenses and to take advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Solution: In less than two weeks, Prestige provided a $2 million factoring facility giving the client the necessary cash flow to operate their business while waiting 60 or more days for payment from customers. In addition, Prestige looked to the credit quality of the receivables and not the sales concentrations, in structuring a financing solution for the client that helped accelerate their growth.