Retain your clients while keeping the option to finance them at a future date

Prestige is your solution for non-bankable deals – and you benefit too

When you are unable to provide financing, for an existing client, please call Prestige Capital. Doing so allows you to retain the client, gain fee income and allows you the opportunity to fund the client at a future date.

Benefits for the bank:

  • We can assist a banker obtain and retain an account. As a non-bank finance company, we will require a referral client to open an account or maintain existing accounts with the referral bank.
  • Loans that are in a troubled state can be referred as well, and we can arrange to pay-off or pay-down the existing facility before the account is considered a workout or liquidation.
  • When the bank does not want the risk of exposure on a concentration account, we can provide financing with a carve-out of that debtor’s receivable.
  • Prestige often works in conjunction with purchase order financing to provide a one stop solution for funding orders. Such financing is often used in lieu of an equity raise or friends and family round of financing.
  • Prestige can provide short term (3-6 Months) bridge financing for a company who the bank expects to fund in the near future.

Benefits for your client:

  • We fund accounts receivable regardless of a company’s financial strength or weakness.
  • We purchase and advance on receivables to create cash flow for companies who are experiencing changes in their cash flow and profitability.
  • See all the many benefits of factoring here.

Help your clients and your relationships by working with Prestige. For more information about our Bank Referral Partnerships, contact Rachel Hersh today.