Financing solutions to meet business goals

Recognizing the needs of business owners for simple, fast, straightforward and flexible access to capital, we founded Prestige Capital over 30 years ago. Since then, we have helped thousands of business owners to grow their business with our financing solutions.

Maybe you need more working capital than your current lender can provide or you’re trying to acquire another company. Perhaps you’re with a local bank who cannot support your company’s growth potential. Whatever your circumstances, we can help. We offer a combination of resources and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

Our products include:


Close the cash flow gap.
Customers taking too long to pay? Let Prestige Capital take the credit risk and turn outstanding accounts receivable into steady cash through factoring. It’s a line of credit based on your unpaid invoices, not your balance sheet. Advantage: you get the immediate cash flow you need to keep operating.

Credit Protection Services

Reduce exposure to bad debt.
Are your customers struggling to make ends meet? Prestige Capital provides credit protection on marginal customers and higher risk orders in excess of $300,000. Coverage includes bankruptcy and all other financial reasons for nonpayment: we take the risk so you don’t have to. Advantage: we enable you to make a sale you might otherwise pass up due to risk.

Factors Assurance Program

Turn ‘no’ into ‘yes!’
Suppliers not giving you the terms you need or demanding payment upon delivery? When you factor invoices with us, our Factors Assurance Program assures domestic vendors that when they deliver goods to you, they will receive payment from Prestige Capital, directly. Your vendors get the confidence they need to sell you goods and extend credit terms. Advantage: you get the goods, and the time, you need to fulfill customer orders.

Back Office Services

Save time, payroll, and headache.
Is your staff bogged down by conducting credit checks and collections? Let Prestige Capital manage your accounts receivable, collections, credit approvals and more. You’ll free up staff to work on other projects (like new sales) and get the benefit of our professional accounts receivable expertise. Advantage: outsourcing select business operations helps you focus on your core business and improve productivity.